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Reasons to teach abroad

Diary of a traveling teacher.

Teaching away: where to go?

Hey there! Are you searching the web for an opportunity to teach English abroad? Perfect timing to read this blog. If you need the last sparkle of inspiration to kick off your teach and travel adventure, this is where you're going to get it.

First things first: what are the best countries to teach abroad? The world changes fast and so does this list, but right now China, United Arab Emirates, and Kazakhstan are the best destinations in terms of salaries. If you are trying to teach English abroad, these countries will offer you competitive contracts and lots of benefits like house allowance, free flights, and paid vacation.

When it comes to teaching abroad, this is what you should ask yourself: am I ready to face a deep cultural shock or would I rather jump into a more familiar world? Once you decide if you wanna go brave or go easy, you can narrow down your country list. Don't forget that speaking the local language is definitely a plus for landing a job. Also, if you are aware of your expectations it will be easier to find your destination.

In my case, I had been dreaming about going back to Buenos Aires for years. Charming tango revenues, old cafés, and a lively underground culture attracted me more than any other city in Latin America. Being a musician apart from a teacher, Buenos Aires offered me exactly what I was looking for.

How and why you should teach abroad.

There are a lot of institutions that need language tutors around the world. If you apply to language academies, you have good chances to get hired, especially if you hold a TEFL or CELTA degree. Although in Italy or Spain the job market is quite competitive, you should still give it a try. The best time to file your application is between May and September, so keep that in mind when you plan your relocation.

On another side, there are some niches you may want to hunt for. You could use English as a vehicular language, meaning that you can teach any subject in English at International schools.

Teaching abroad isn't always easy, especially at the beginning. Your students may not be as friendly as you hoped, the relationship with your colleagues won’t be easy and certainly, you'll go through a lot of pressure. Every first teaching experience is a huge challenge, so get ready for some stress management. But I can guarantee that your efforts will be highly rewarded.

Now it's time for you to brainstorm, set your goal and teach away!

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