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8 April 2020

La voz de la Tierra

Crying on the inside, laughing on the outside, this is how I live, waiting to die. Sing to the mountains, this is what I do.
7 April 2020

Under a Brazilian Sun

The sun goes down on a silent sand desert, while I wait for a sign of a world outside of my own private heaven.

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Welcome to my writing closet.
If you stumbled here by chance you are in danger.
I'm a story hunter, my words will keep you under a spell.

Maria Betteghella
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23 October 2019
Street musicians play in Frenchmen street in New Orleans at night

Why you should go to New Orleans.

Join me on a special music tour and discover the beauty America’s jazziest town.
7 April 2019

Travel to Cuba: pros and cons.

Cuba is a dream destinations for many travelers. What is the reality behind the travel fantasy? Read to find out.
23 October 2019
Students celebrate the end of the school year.

Reasons to teach abroad

Jump into a new culture, gain first-hand experience and kick-off your teaching career. Let me inspire you with this blog.

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